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Introduction To Divine Human Upgrades

7-Part series to prepare you for your Divine Human Upgrades


“There’s an ocean of pure, vibrant consciousness inside each one of us …
it’s right at the source of mind, and right at the source of all matter.”

David Lynch, from his talk: Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain


Suzanna Kennedy’s Consciousness 2.0 Technologytm is recommended by Best-Selling Author
and Cell Biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton as a resource for changing
your subconscious programming through energy psychology.


Pave the Way to your Divine + Human Wholeness

Enlightenment was once an arduous spiritual journey reserved for an select few. But in this time of accelerated Awakening, Enlightenment is available to everyone, through new technologies that create instant, permanent shifts in your consciousness.

Yet for most humans, Spiritual Awakening remains elusive, thanks to an emotional body riddled with negative subconscious programming.

Fear, anxiety, low self-worth or plain old confusion are the emotional signatures of most human beings. Their Divine Nature seems
remote, thanks to the blocks created by this negative programming.

So while a Divinely Guided life is no longer reserved for a small handful of Avatars and Spiritual Masters, it does require most of us
to undergo a Quantum Upgrade of our Emotional and Mental Bodies.


Signs Your Soul Is Crying For A Divine Upgrade:

Here are a few signs that let you know you’re READY to Upgrade your Consciousness and ACTIVATE your Divine Human Nature:

  • You are tired of settling for less than you know you deserve
  • Your religion or spiritual path has not given you solutions for a more meaningful life
  • The pain of feeling stuck outweighs your fear of the unknown
  • You no longer trust sources like government, media or religion to provide you with truth – in any arena
  • Your current work has left you empty, over-extended or emotionally hardened
  • Your search for “pleasure” seems empty and silly
  • You realize that everything you do makes a difference
  • You are sick of making excuses and rationalizations
  • Your soul’s longing and frustration is a constant reminder that something’s missing
  • You’ve finally decided you are ready to live up to your full potential

If any of these ring true for you, then Divine + Human = YOU is your next step.

In this 5-part, complementary course you’ll discover:

  • Why Activating your Divine Human Nature is the most important thing you can do for yourself, your loved ones and the world, and
  • How you can prepare for this Upgrade – starting as soon as today!

This is the time of the Awakening and I know that if you are here, you have a greater purpose to fulfill in your life – a service or gift to deliver.

Let me help you prepare for that service with Divine + Human = YOU. This introductory training helps you pave the way for the changes you desire. is your next step.

The course:

  • Introduces you to the Divine Human and Upgrade Technology available to you
  • Reveals in-depth information about subconscious programming
  • Guides you through simple exercises to prepare for your own Divine Human Upgrade.

Just complete the form on this page and you’ll receive access to your first lesson as soon as today!

I look forward to being your guide as you prepare to Upgrade your Consciousness – and your life!